SupFORGE, your solution for unifying security systems..

SupFORGE brings together in one application the interfacing between intrusion systems, access control, biometric reader, registration recognition, video surveillance with tools such as handrails, visitor management, parking management, overview and supervision .


Developed with the latest development tools, SupFORGE has a powerful multitasking engine and Web 2.0 technology bringing a powerful and user-friendly IWHM.

SupFORGE Web 2.0 synoptics allow you to supervise plans with different entry points and cameras from events (intrusion centers, access controls, video surveillance software, …) and scenarios can drive. The synoptics are fully configurable (Plans, images, entries, …) and can be displayed in our internal browser, web browser or Omnicast tile.


The SupFORGE Web 2.0 guideline lets you view forms from scenarios or from the application. Forms are fully configurable (fields, required input, colors, logo, …) and can be displayed in an internal browser window, Internet browser or Omnicast tile.


SupFORGE has intuitive, ergonomic configuration tools for quick parameter setup.

Example of scenario configuration between a Sintony 410 and Omnicast:


Example of configuration of an overview of intrusion inputs:


You will have a user-friendly solution that completely replaces the many client applications that you usually need to use to control the various security features that are implemented.