Hosting, Website , Emails,…

Aderanet offers professional hosting on mutualized or dedicated servers that we manage for you, to set up the best tool for hosting your website or Internet / Intranet tools.

We manage your IIS / Apache web servers, your FTP / SFTP servers, your Email / Exchange servers and your Mysql / MsSql database servers.

We manage for you, purchase, transfer, renewal your domain names and configure your dns (setting of domain names to servers) …

– Mutualized hosting: sometimes also called shared hosting, it consists to host several websites on one and the same server. It is a cost-effective, stable solution to provide quality service at a reasonable price.

This type of formula therefore proposes a server with a given configuration and a software offer (server, databases, e-mail accounts, mailing list server, etc.) as well as a well-defined storage space.

For this type of solution, the clients do not have direct access to the server as an administrator, the configuration is thus done via web interfaces. It is therefore important to check the configuration parameters on which it is possible to act (configuration of the name server, the web server, the database management system, etc.).

– Dedicated hosting: this consists of providing the client with a complete server that you manage according to your skills or that we manage for your account and according to your needs.