AdroneX Survey

AdroneX Survey, first flight management solution (FMS) of piloting of drone and robot for Genetec Security Center.

AdroneX Survey, in the press

In one click, on scenarios or on alarm your drone is able to move as quickly as possible to
Perform all monitoring tasks, round or doubt.
The drone can carry out its mission alone and gives you the possibility of having a camera on the place of the incident without endangering your agents and without waste of time.
Rights management as well as a simple action limit allowing everyone to act according to their prerogatives and in compliance with the legislation and capabilities of the drone.
Numerous interactions are possible with external systems (anemometer, …)

Interactions with Security Center alarms, whether the drone is on mission or on the ground, validation of actions ensures optimal management of the drone and optimization of monitoring tasks.

The implementation of the alarms on the map (GIS) of AdroneX Survey allows an efficient reactivity and also to avoid all the errors of localization inherent to manual actions.

A reporting tool to know the actions, missions and configurations engaged by operators. A guarantee of traceability with double journalizing both in the software and in the memory of the drone.
Each action or modification of missions, alarms, configurations, are recorded.
A detailed log explains and displays this information in detail.
Possibility to interconnect with Aderanet’s Main Hand to consign also certain actions or sensitive alarms.

A simple, intuitive configuration module to create, modify, configure all your drones models.
Configure independently your different types of models: multi-rotor, wing, motor-glider or terrestrial
It is possible to customize the performance and limits of each type of drone you have:
    – Maximum take-off wind speed
    – Maximum wind speed for flight
    – Allow to fly in the rain
    – Authorization time ranges
    – ….
Some features require specific adapters such as an anemometer.

AdroneX Survey has an ergonomic tool for creating missions from the Config Tools.
Complete interaction with alarms and related events.
You have the possibility to place your authorized zones of evolution and zones prohibited of flights and actions.
A type of informative zone makes it possible to embellish your map (GIS) to formalize zones to be highlighted.

Standardized management of operator rights with Security Center and their privileges.
A simple and relevant interface for detailed and precise management of your operators’ rights.

Various Drones: 
rolling, flying (wings, multirotors,vtol,…)