Time Management by AbioTime

You want to integrate a simple and efficient time management solution.

AbioTime is the solution

Associating a biometric reader of the shape of the hand and a very friendly software, Abiotime allows you to solve problems such as :

  • The loss of badges
  • The exchange of badges
  • The deterioration of badges

No possible frauds !

In less than a second, the biometric reader identifies the employee and records his or her score.

The basic features of the Abiotime software are :

  • A schedule to display any errors that have occurred using the color code of your choice.
  • A display of the details of a day of a collaborator (Pointages, Working time and breaks, Vacations, …)
  • The printing of the detailed schedules of each employee.

For more information on our  complete solution of management of time Abiotime, consult our website www.abiotime.fr or contact us by using our form.